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If you are try to implement SEO on your website Youtube and other social media is a great place to start.


I will go over the process which is very simple on how to use YouTube; I will add several links to Youtube so you can get more information from their site and create an account if you don't have one. The first thing you need to do is visit and create yourself an account after that the process is very simple. The second step after setting up your Youtube account is shoot your video and the simplest way is just use your smart phone. We will be able to handle multiple Youtube videos and I suggest taking several videos. Six to nine sixty to ninety second videos will get viewed many more times than one ten to fifteen minute video. Step three is uploading or e-mailing your video to Youtube account and which way will depend on what phone you have and if you have a Youtube app on your phone. If you have a phone like the HTC Hero you will need to enter your e-mail address into your contact folder and that will give you the ability to e-mail your videos directly to your Youtube account. If you have the new I4 by Apple you can upload directly to your Youtube account.


Now for some SEO of your videos, once you shoot your video and you have it uploaded to your account you need to login to your Youtube account and click on your user name and then my videos. Once you have your videos lined up you need to click on the edit button to the video you would like to work first. Now here are a few things most people never think about and I canít stress enough how important it is, you need to give your video a good strong title, description and make sure you tag it right. Here are a few reasons to title, describe and tag your videos, this will let the search engines find and properly index your video and will help raise the page rank of your own site and makes your listing and video much more likely to get hit when a query is done on land or houses in your area.


If you are thinking about or working on your site, or getting your company website to rank better social media and Youtube if worked properly can help in the process. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great for one way back links that you need if you want Google to move you up in the rankings. You have to have at least one back link before Google will even start to rank you and the more back links you have the better but you also need to beware of what kid of back links and what quality the links are.


If you are concerned about your company website and its Google PR (page rank) and are think about doing some SEO on your own take advantage of our new Youtube and work your videos the right way to help with your websites rankings as well as giving you potential clients what they want, pictures, information and more often nowadays video


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