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Land For Sale In Alabama Boundary Line Agreement
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When you finally find that Land for sale in Alabama you have been searching so long for check out a few things to cut down on potential problems at closing or even worse after youíve closed the deal. I have seen many times when someone buys that dream property get moved on or in and then you meet the neighbors while mowing what you though was your yard.


After you have purchased your Alabama land the natural next move is close on it right? I will give you a quick short list of boundary line issues I have seen while dealing with land for sale in Alabama. Once you buy the land and find yourself walking your property lines and you meet the neighbor and he tells you that you are on his property thatís when it hits home somebody lied about the lines but there is a fence all the way around your land how can this be.


If you see land for sale in Alabama and the land youíre looking at is fenced on all sides this still might mean trouble. If there is any kind of flagging or markings inside or outside the fence this most likely spells trouble. I have seen the surveyed lines weave in and out of the original fence, now let me tell you how this probably happened. In years past without equipment as good as it is today farmers, ranches and land owners would build a fence where it was easiest to do it, neighbors got along better in some cases and did not care or it might have been family next door and they did not care. It seems everybody cares now that you own it so what to do next. The first thing is try very hard to work it out with the neighbor, the fence will stand in almost all cases, and it really doesnít matter how much land you loose the court will almost certainly side with the fence.


Knowing that if you go to court you will likely loose and your chunk of Alabama land you thought you owned just got smaller find something that works for the neighbor. If the fence weaves in and out try to do whatís called a boundary line agreement, this is where you both know the fence and lines are off but you agree to a common line. Have the land resurveyed and the new line marked and a good legal description typed up for you, if you are both in agreement have an attorney draw up your boundary line agreement and both of you sign it. I have sold many tracts of land with lines we knew to be off but disclosed to the buyer and after my client took possession of the land got the crazy idea he would get that other little bit of land I told him he would never own and after many years in court and thousands of dollars ended up with the property lines I told him in the beginning.


If this scenario happens to you when looking at land for sale in Alabama, stop remember this article and remind yourself, I was warned I would loose in court donít trust the attorney telling you oh Iíll get it for you just pay my retainer, he knows all he can do is fight the good fight and take your money.


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