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Land For Sale In Louisiana-Ways To Find A Better Deal On Land
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If you are in the market for Louisiana land for sale you must be thinking get a deal or get nothing at least thatís what I am hearing from many people. I want to buy land in Louisiana and want a deal how do I accomplish this?

The year is 2010 and the state of the economy is in shambles or is it.? Is the economy as bad as it seems or does it just seem bad because many people have had their teeth kicked in? I don't think the economy is crashing and I don't think we are in any real sustainable recovery either but what I do know is cash is king and people with are in the drivers seat when it comes to buying Louisiana land for sale. I will give a couple situations on how you can search for land in today's market with a true deal in mind and also a couple situations that should make you get up and get busy buying Louisiana land.The first thing I will discuss is how to find a few deals. The economic meltdown if you will has shaken out many land tracts and even more commercial properties and houses that investors were planning on flipping or speculative houses that were for sale in Louisiana. Baton Rouge in particular has had a strong economy so it held up better than many cities in Louisiana and some of the neighboring states like Mississippi that just has never had the economy of Louisiana. The very first place I would start my search is with my local bankers and try to take a look at their REO properties. In case you don't know what REO stands for it is Real Estate Owned and in this case Louisiana Bank Owned Properties. Here are a couple reasons I would start with the banks, one they are a bank and not a real estate company meaning they are not set up to sell those properties and every day they hold them they lose money by not having that money reinvested with a paying customer. If you can't find a deal with a local bank then find yourself a Realtor you can trust and count on and let them know what you are looking for in your Louisiana land and see what they find for you.

If you exhaust the banks and can't find any land for sale in Louisiana I would do a couple things to look, one check the Chancery Court in your Parish for unpaid taxes and in particular the past two years. If you have the time and inclination this might be a great way to find problem land tracts that you can negotiate on for a better deal and maybe help somebody out of a property before they lose it.

I have not covered why I say get out their now and get to buying it's a great time. Some of you are saying I am nuts and maybe you are right but it is much harder to make big profits on Louisiana land for sale when the economy is ginning along, there are many at risk loans with banks still and many people that any economic recover will be to late for and need to dump now before they lose one land tract or possibly everything they own. I also did not mention that little thing the FED did like dumping 600 Billion dollars in the US economy not only did it hack of the Chinese and Germans it will surly create at least some inflation and if you have cash where would you rather have your money in a bank to get eaten alive by inflation or in good Louisiana land for sale where you can make even more profit when inflation ratchets up the price even more.

I will wrap up this article with something positive, a little inflation right now might not be a bad thing and if you have cash sitting around get out there and buy you some Louisiana land for sale, make you some money and help the economy.


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