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Land For Sale In Ohio-How To Avoid Boundary Line Disputes
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When you find the land for sale in Ohio that you have been shopping for so long, check out a few things that can cut down on problems at closing or even worse after you have already purchased the property.  In my experience, and I have twenty years of buying and selling property,  several times when a client buys that dream house and when he goes home to meet the neighbors and is informed heís not on the property he thinks. Talk about a shock.

When you have found your land for sale in Ohio it is only natural to want to close on it as soon as possible.  Before you do, let me help you by giving you a check list of things to do.  First, I have dealt with several property line issues in my day when dealing with land for sale in Ohio.  If you have bought the property and then walk your land lines or whatever you think are your land lines, only to be met by your new neighbors who say you are on their land.  Panic sets in!

If the land you buy in Ohio has a fence around it that does not mean you wonít still run into problems.  If you happen to notice that there are some property markings close by the fence, you can bet that probably the land has been surveyed and a dispute has already come up at some time.  This could have happened because years ago, when tractors didnít clear the land as well, the lines could have been off just because the tractor couldnít clear that exact spot.  Try working it out with your neighbor because if it goes to court, the fence will probably stay as is.

In twenty years of buying and selling land, I can say I have never seen a fence lose in court.  If the fence weaves in and out you know the fence is off with the line but hopefully you can agree on a common line.  You can get a land surveyor to help draw up a survey and spot the lines to give you a proper legal description.  If both parties agree have an attorney draw up the agreement and execute it.  I have made a deal before where at first the buyer understands the line dispute and is okay with it, only to wake up one day and decide to fight it.  After spending thousands of dollars it goes nowhere. 

If looking to purchase land for sale in Ohio and this type of line disagreement arises, just remember taking a fence line to court will most likely net you nothing.  For whatever reason you feel you can get it changed, trust me, it is not going to happen.  You can spend that money on a nice diamond ring for your wife and that will be a lot better than throwing it away in court and just giving it to your attorney.  Otherwise, you will be buying a ring for your wife. 


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