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Land For Sale In Tennessee-How To Resolve Heirship Title Issues
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If you have found the perfect tract of hunting land for sale in Tennessee but it has heirship problems with the title let me explain how to clear these issues. It is very common in the State of Tennessee to have heirship problems with the title to land and must be cleared to have a merchantable deed to your land.

Why does so much hunting land for sale in Tennessee have heirship title problems? Well these problems did not just get started a couple years ago, in many cases the problems started just after the turn of the century. Let me explain briefly how heirship property gets started and why there is so much of it in Tennessee. No matter how you shake it down the fact that Tennessee is such a poor state has a large part to do with it, the education level of the state is another main contributor and that partly stems from being a rural and poor state. Much of the heirship land is owned by minorities and from the 1940's to present many moved to Chicago in particular but out of state for better opportunities for their families. If the original owner of a piece of Tennessee hunting land moved out of state in 1950 and he was 50 years old at the time and had land in Tennessee when he left, you see where I am headed with this, it does not take long for a tract of land to get buried with heirs. If the original owner died in 1966 and had 8 children and his wife still living there is 9 heirs to the land and if one of the children dies and has children you could get potentially dozens of heirs to a 10 acres tract of land in a hurry.

To clear the heir problems and have good marketable deed to your hunting land for sale in Tennessee you need to know all the family members of the original owner, wife and all children. If any kids are deceased you need to know if they have any children and you also have to be careful because illegitimate children will also have claim to the land you want. You will need to know names, address, phone number, and social security number to each heir having claim to the deed. Once you have collected all this information you will need an attorney to prepare your deed but also an hership affidavit and you still may need to take it to court and have a judge sign off on it which also means you will need to publish in your largest news paper in the county the property is located in looking for any potential heirs, check behind your attorney I had one publish in the wrong county one time and I had to start the entire process over when the judge saw that. It can be a long process but when it comes to hunting land for sale in Tennessee you can get some good land and at a great price if you push it to a close.

If you are looking at hunting land for sale in Tennessee and have the patience to fallow this process you can get some good land and save yourself a ton of money while you do it.


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