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Land For Sale In Texas-Best Counties For Land Speculating
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If you want to get into land for sale in Texas and be a speculator or investor you need to know what counties are best for your purchase and back end sales. How to get a cheaper purchase price is the main thing you need to know if you want to be a land investor in Texas.


Knowing your market is important when you are an investor, were can you buy right and where is a likely location to sell my product. It does not matter what you are selling snow balls or land you must have a market to sell in and in Texas that means near Dallas or Houston for some high traffic spots. I have bought and sold in many counties in Texas and here are a few I really liked doing business in, Van Zandt, Rains, Hunt, Wood, Kaufman, Gregg, Henderson, Ellis just to name a few. I liked these counties and believe me there are plenty more good ones out there but proximity to Dallas is what made me look at these. The Eastern side of Van Zandt County TX is the longest distance I liked to get from Dallas, when I bought land these Texas Counties still had plenty of large land tracts left and could be broken down into more affordable Mini Farms or Mini Ranches.


On the buying end of Texas land for sale is where you make your money not when you sell keep that in mind and you will stay much safer and not get over extended with borrowed money. The best way to buy land to resell and make a profit is two fold, either it has to be a larger land tract which will always be cheaper or either it has to have some kind of problem that needs fixing. Why does a larger property cost less per acre, well letís discuss this a minute, if you are looking at land for sale in Texas would you be looking at 10 or 20 acres to buy or 300 acres to buy, if you said 10-20 your in the vast majority and thatís where the money and safety is. If a land tract has problems and by this I mean title issues, the land is old ranch land thatís been let go and is going to cost a lot of money to get back in shape, old farmland that was in production and has been let go, these are a few things people just are not willing to tackle on their on even though in some cases its not really that big a deal.


These are your buying strengths to negotiate with for a better price to a down right good price on a large land tract. I canít stress enough the day you buy your land is when you make your profit not on the sales end and to back up this statement look at the market today and you might find three buyers for every ten that were in the market three years ago so wouldnít it be nice to be able to adjust down on your price and still make money and in many cases just get out.


If you are a novice to buying land for sale in Texas try your first land tract in Van Zandt county or Rains County, good location to Dallas but far enough out to get that deal we are all looking for.


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