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Land For Sale In Texas-How To Use The Internet To Sell Property
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Over 90% of land for sale in Texas for 2009 was bought from searching the internet. How do you use the internet to best promote your land or house?


According to the NAR (National Realtors Association) over 90 % of people that bought land last year started their search on the internet. The question you must ask yourself is how to engage in this medium to help sell your property? You can put your land on multiple internet websites and thatís all fine but what if you chose the wrong sites. There are plenty of websites that might not fit your property very well, many sites that are well thought of and I will not call any names but feel free to contact me personally and I will be glad to give you a list of websites to steer clear of. If you have a Texas hunting land tract make sure to put your land on a site that ranks well for land and is not mostly houses. If have you have a house in the city of Dallas check rankings first to see how sites you are looking at rank but deeper than that navigate around each website make sure you can find property easily. I have seen many sites that rank well but once you get to the site you canít find what you are looking for, this will cause a bad bounce rate and your property will get skipped over for a better navigating site.


If you are a Real Estate Broker and have your own website but are looking for more and even better exposure you also need to be on the top sites and all the same criteria apply you need a site that will get your property seen and looked at, and not just the home page of the listing site. One way to help your own site rank better and make yourself an authority in your field is writing articles about land for sale in Texas or what ever your specialty is from rural land in Texas to houses for sale in Dallas. You need to publish your articles on high PR sites and make sure you have your live links in the author bio section and in some cases you will get three or more live links in the body of the article take full advantage of this. When you finish your article or blog post be sure to direct your links back to your site and also certain pages in your site you would like to see rank better this is where the term back link comes from.


If you have land for sale in Texas and are not sure where to start just sit down at your computer and start searching for the type of Texas land you have for sale and see what sites pull up in the top twenty and check them out but for your closings sake look deeper and make sure you can actually use the site once there.


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