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Land For Sale In Texas-Increasing Your Market Share In Down Times
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Is a down market the time to run and hide or is it the perfect time to become the market leader and increase your share of the money pie?


I have seen so many Real Estate Brokers stick their heads in the sand and say we are not doing any advertising until the market turns and land and houses in Texas start to sell again. I certainly hope that you donít list my property with that Real Estate Broker in Texas, ops you just did. What do you mean I just listed my land for sale in Texas with some dead head Real Estate Broker? I will tell you some disturbing facts about Real Estate Brokers in Texas and in every other state in the US, over half the Real Estate Brokers out their do not deserve to have a license.


I know you are now worried about your listing Broker as well you should be, what did I get? Well if statistics are true you just might have gotten one of those dead heads that call themselves a Real Estate Broker. How do you know what you hired and yes that is exactly what you do to sell your land in Texas is hire a professional to list, market, find funding and close the deal for you. Now is that what you hired? Did you interview your Realtor or just go find the first one in the phone book or on Google.    


I bet you thought this was an article for someone with land for sale in Texas didnít you and if you did you would be wrong. I am talking to Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Professionals. Yes the Real Estate market has not been good and in some cases you could even call it a train wreck but if you are in the land for sale in Texas business you have got to get out there and mix it up so to speak. All Real Estate Brokers have a responsibility to their clients to advertise and market their land or houses for sale to the best of their ability and if you don not you should let your clients know and so they can move their listing. I am not talking about wasting money, in fact now is the time to focus like never before on what works to sell land. The internet is from the National Association of Realtors statistics where over 90% of Real Estate buyers start their property search so I would invest heavy there.


I have seen over the last two years so many Realtors that do not have a web site and thatís ok but to say I am not spending and money on advertising and I am not putting my listings on web sites I am just going to wait out the market and when it comes back I will engage and try again, shame on you and shame on your clients for hiring you, now is the perfect time for you aggressive Real Estate Brokers to put the dead heads I have just described out of business for good and thatís where they belong. Now is the perfect time to increase your advertising, not necessarily money but how you go about advertising.


Internet advertising for land for sale in Texas could not be any cheaper than it is now, take advantage and plaster your listing all over the planet with the internet and sell more property and increase your market share.


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