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Land For Sale In Texas-Ways To Protect Your Land
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When you get ready to let go of some of the old home place and you are finally ready to have that tract of land for sale in Texas you need to remember a few things before you actually go to market with your land.

 Letís try and set up what might happen when you have land for sale in Texas and it is either part of your homesite, next to a treasured neighbor or you might not be selling all the land you have in this one block of property. If you just put your property up for sale and let it go to the first person that comes along with the money donít be shocked if you have some problems in the future. I have sold many land tracts in Texas, some larger hunting properties and some 10 acres homesites for that first time home owner or that individual moving from the Texas coast to get out of the hurricane path. In most cases the people you sell to you would rather have living by you than most of your family but I have had many cases in my day that turned out to be a nightmare.

 I will give you a few cases I have had to deal with and a few ways to address and prevent this kind of disaster from happing to you. I had a small tract of land for sale in Texas and did not try at all to screen who I sold it to, at first you say why do you care, let me tell you why, it was part of a larger land tract I was selling and part of the land you could still access with or without this parcel I sold. I will give you another quick tip the person you do the most for will screw you the most also. When I sold the 10 acres with house of course in a country setting so roads were an issue part of the land with another house was situated past the house and 10 acres I sold to kick off my sales campaign. I had gone out of my way and even given this guy access to the water well on my other land so he could go ahead and get in his house and not have to worry about water since the house needed repair and painting.


Now what should I have done to make this situation not happen or if he did the same things what would have given me more legal remedies. The first thing I or anybody should do is not assume that when you have land for sale in Texas and someone wants to buy and they look perfectly normal that they are. I should not have offered anything extra like use of my water well, and you say that was being neighborly and you would be right however sometimes neighbors need to stay within bounds to stay friends. I should have retained a right of way or easement down the  road in front of his land and to my last land tract and added some simple deed covenants to protect the remainder of my land and my clients I sold to, remember you do have some obligation to give someone a problem free piece of property.

 What did I learn in this particular circumstance? Do not trust what someone looks like and protect yourself and your successors in title when you have land for sale in Texas.



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