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So you search for just the right land for sale in Texas.  Let me help you with a few things that might can cut down on any problems at closing time or even after you have closed the deal.  I would not want you to buy your dream home and then find out after you moved on the land that the neighbors are mowing what you thought was your yard.

Anytime you find the perfect land for sale in Texas, it is only natural that you want to close on it as soon as you can.  I have bought and sold land in Texas for several years and can give you a quick short list of boundary line issues that I have had to deal with.  It might happen that you close on the land and are walking your property lines only to find out the fence is not on the property that you thought was yours.  You might even have a neighbor to tell you the property is his!

Just because the property you find for sale in Texas has fences on all sides doesnít mean there still might be trouble.  Should you see any markings or flags inside or outside the fences, this could mean real trouble.  You might see survey lines weave in and out of the fences and wonder how this could be.  I can tell you how.  Years ago, before the equipment for farmers was as good as it is today, land owners would build a fence where it was easier to building.  Back then neighbors got along better and many times just didnít care if the fence was off a few feet here and there.  I would recommend that you first try to work it out with your neighbor in a friendly way.  I have found that in most cases, if it goes to court, the fence will probably stand as it is. 

Keep in mind that if it happens that you have to go to court, you might lose a chunk of land try to find something that will work between you and your neighbor.  If the fence weaves in and out of the boundary lines draw up a boundary line agreement. This means both parties know the fence isnít right but you agree on a common line.  You will have to get the land surveyed and mark the new line.  The surveyor can write up a good legal description.  An attorney can do this and you both sign it.  From experience I have sold many tracts of land that the buyer and I knew the lines were off.  We had disclosed that.  Then the client decides that he would try to get the other little bit of land.  After much time and attorney fees the property lines we started out with stood up in court.

Should this happen to you when you are hunting for land for sale in Texas, please think about this article and remember that I said stay out of court if at all possible.    Donít believe an attorney who tells you he can help you get the land if you pay him a retainer.  You might just lose your money.  There is only so much he can do.



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