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If you have an insurance claim for hail and wind damage to your Baton Rouge Louisiana home pending or if you are thinking of making a claim in the future the steps you need to fallow need to be precise. Donít let your insurance company deny your insurance claim because you are unaware of the insurance claims process.

If your home has a roof that needs repaired or replace, think about just why your roof is leaking. What is the age of your roof, has it been hit by a tree limbs or other solid object, have you had a recent hail or wind storm? There is always a reason for a leaky roof and the need for roof repair and replacement in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area and recently the cause could be from a hail storm that hit just a few months ago. 

The first thing you need to do is determine why your Baton Rouge Louisiana roof is leaking and for this I recommend a hail and wind damage roofing expert. Once you call a profehttp://tennessee-landsource.comssional roofing company in the Baton Rouge area, have them inspect your roof and give you a report on why your roof is leaking and if it is in need of repair or replacement. If the roofing contractor says you need major repairs or a complete replacement you will need to call your insurance agent and file a claim. You should get a claim number from your agent, you need to write this down and keep it for your records, within three to five days you should get a call from your adjuster with an inspection date.  Be sure to have your Baton Rouge roofing comp at the inspection, this will be your only representation with your insurance company. I am sure you are asking why I should have my roofing contractor at the inspection? If you have an insurance company like State Farm and you donít have shingles blown of your roof and hail hits the size of a basketball State Farm will deny your claim. 

I will say most insurance companies are not bad insurance companies like State Farm, I can name several very fine companies like Safeco, Liberty Mutual, Allstate, The Hartford Group, Light House and there are other fine companies as well. After you have your roof inspection and get approval for a new roof it is clear sailing from here just do a good background search on your Baton Rouge Louisiana roofing company to make sure you have a reputable contractor. You need to do a Google or Bing search on not only the roofing company but the owner of the company as well, know who you are doing business with before you start the job and you will have no worries. 

If you get a professional, expert roofing company in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area and do a thorough Google search on your contractor you will have clear sailing with the roofing process. Things you need to know about your Louisiana roofer, what affiliations do the have, are they accredited by the Better Business Bureau, are they in a local Chamber of Commerce, ask the owner or your roofing representative to do a Google search with you so you can see exactly how much experience they have.

If you have a professional roofing contractor from the Baton Rouge Louisiana area to help walk you through the insurance claims process can make what could be many headaches be a smooth transaction.


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