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If you are going to get into real estate investing, it is vital you understand how to work with leads.  In order to profit from investing, you have to have a lot of leads coming in.  And as soon as you have leads coming in, you have to properly handle them to make the most out of them.

There are some tremendous free real estate tools scattered on the internet that can help you learn how to use your leads.  In order to generate a plethora of leads, you have to have an effective marketing campaign.  There are several different forms of marketing you can use to rive in leads.

One form of marketing you will learn from free real estate tools is mailing information to prospects.  When you mail information, you want to make sure you keep it within a local number.  The reason for this is because prospects are going to feel far more comfortable calling a local number back as oppose to an 800 number.

The other form of marketing is using an answering service. The second people hear a voicemail, 50 percent are going to hang up.  It is vital you have a live person ready and willing to answer calls and talk with prospects.  In addition to this, you will also find that sellers will call at all times of the day.  To avoid missing their calls, you want to be prepared for their call.

If you yourself are going to answer the phone, there are two main objectives you want to take care of.  First, you want to find out if the prospects are motivated.  From there, you want to see if the numbers are going to work. 

It can be tricky determining if the leads are motivated to sell their home because you cannot just come out and ask a question like that.  What you will learn from free real estate tools is that you have to build some rapport and ask the proper questions in order to find out the answer.

From there, you need to find out if the two of you have the same price range.  If they want to sell their home for far more than you want to invest in, it is a waste of your time.  Finding out the proper price range from the start will help you narrow in on a true lead.

Leads are a vital piece to succeeding with your real estate investing.  The entire process of finding leads and managing them can be quite complicated.  Because of this, take the time to read free real estate tools and learn how to properly deal with your leads.


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