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As you learn real estate, you will quickly realize the money that can potentially be earned.  There are a plethora of opportunities to pursue including with loan foreclosures.  As a homeowner faces default on their loan and the potential for foreclosure, you as the investor have the opportunity to help the homeowner while profiting at the same time.

Homeowners are going to miss loan payments for a variety of reasons.  If it continues too many months in a row, the loan holder is going to issue a notice of default.  Within this notice of default is going to be information on how much they owe and the time period they have to pay it back.

During the time the homeowner receives the notice and the foreclosure sell arises, there is a legitimate opportunity for a real estate investor to help the homeowner out with their problem.  The difficult part is the two meeting up.

As an investor, you need to learn real estate resources and tools that can help you take advantage of such a prime opportunity.  In many states and counties, the Recorderís office makes the notice of default public by posting it at the local courthouse or simply by posting it on the internet.  As soon as you find the notice of default, it is up to you to contact the homeowner and offer your assistance.

From there, the investor can often take over the property as well as the responsibility for the loan by offering a reduced sales price.  What this will do is allow the homeowner to leave the property and the problems behind while you as the investor deals with them.

As for the homeowner, they will benefit from not having a property foreclosure on their record that will damage their credit score.  This will allow them to purchase a home down the road.  In exchange, the homeowner typically will give up most of the equity they possessed in the property.

If there is a sufficient equity left in the property, the investor will be able to make a profit.  If you learn real estate properly, you will know when to invest in a home and when not to.  Obviously, you do not want to get involved in something that has little to no equity whatsoever.

However, if there is no equity in the home you can negotiate with the bank to reduce the outstanding loan balance in exchange for a quick sale.  What this will do is give you as the investor the necessary equity to make a profit.

There are a number of ways you can profit from real estate investing and foreclosures today.  As you learn real estate, make sure you understand when to invest in a foreclosure situation and when to back off.  This can be the difference of you profiting greatly or just wasting your time.


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