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The newly released Accredited Home-Staging Specialist (AHS) course not only presents a solid overview of the staging process, it provides the real estate professional with the tools to offer a true “value added service.” Best of all, you can gain this additional knowledge this coming weekend.

Today’s real estate customers are selecting their real estate agent with more care than ever before. With the market making its correcting swing to the buyers’ side, home sellers are being far more critical than before in evaluating the agent who is about to assume responsibility for the huge financial transaction impacting them. They want an agent that will satisfy the two most critical issues on their mind: sales price and time to close.

“The AHS course provides agents with the power they need to rise above the competition,” says Andy Capelluto, owner of the Seattle School of Staging and creator of The Power of Staging (the foundation for the new Accredited Home-Staging Specialist course). “It empowers them to offer their clients a “true” value added service.”

“Value added service is a term the real estate industry has borrowed from the telecommunications world. It represents a service that is not part of the standard offering; it’s a non-core service. Value added services have unique characteristics and they relate to other services in a completely different way. They also provide benefits that core services can not. For the real estate professional, the ability to add “staging” to their core services is a unique opportunity to do just that.”

The focus of the AHS course is to provide the real estate professional with a solid introduction to the principles and practices associated with the staging process. In the process, the agent is provided with an excellent overall understanding of all the elements involved from the simple process of de-cluttering to the more complex issues of color, the use of vignettes and furniture placement. The tips, tools and checklists that agents carry away from this course and the knowledge of how to use them are the elements that make up their value-added service.

The Accredited Home-Staging Course and the AHS designation are available online through RealtyU Online in a cutting edge, multi-media format and can be completed easily over one weekend. The class is also available in the classroom from one of the over 200 RealtyU school locations across the country.

To search for the nearest school visit or for a course outline, visit


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