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Leigh Taylor
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Executive Vice President, Company-Owned Real Estate
GMAC Real Estate

Taylor has an excellent track record in the application of Leadership and Culture studies. As a brand new real estate manager, he started a branch office from scratch; and by focusing on creating a culture of success, he took that office from 195th to 1st in a 195-office network in a mere three years. As a Regional Manager, he merged two regions and 28 offices with divergent cultures and let them to top national performance. As an Executive Officer with Coldwell Banker Affiliates of Canada, Taylor was instrumental in creating the bridges that brought multiple cultures together under the banner of a new franchise company. Taylor's personal and professional passion for Leadership and Culture brought him many years of success as the President & CEO of Symbios Development, Inc., as did his dedication as a renowned Coach, Leadership Trainer and Cultural Consultant.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Industry Leaders
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