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When working with a luxury home builder to bring your dream house to life, it is important to remember that you will be working with a team of people rather than a single individual. Because of this, it can be useful to understand who each of the people in the team are and what their role is; you will have a better idea of who to approach should you have a problem.


(Bonus) Developer
If you have decided to purchase in a new estate, it is likely that you will have to deal with the developer. This person owns the land and may have actually spent years acquiring all of the parcels of land. The developer will also select builders that they would like to use in the estate, create a master plan for the new community, and prepare the site for construction.

Once you have purchased a block of land, you will need to meet with an architect to draw up the plans for your new home. The builder may employ them or they may work for a firm that you independently hire. An architect will design your house to complement those on neighbouring properties, as well as taking into account your particular block.

Sales Consultant
If you are using your builder’s architect, you will meet with the sales consultant first to discuss your requirements. If you are using your own architect, you will meet with the consultant second. They will discuss the construction costs involved, as well as answer all of your particular questions regarding the building process.

Design Centre Consultant
This person handles what is often referred to as the options selections process. They will help you to select the style, colour and other key components for your dream home. Sometimes, especially for small builders, the sales and design centre roles will cross over (so you will deal with the same person for the whole planning stage).

Construction Manager
This is the person placed in charge of your project by the luxury home builder. All of the trades people involved in the construction will answer to this person, and they are also responsible for organising deliveries and scheduling works. They will also provide you with periodic updates on the progress of the build, as well as solve any problems.

Trades People
These are the people that your manager will employ to actually build your dream home. They often include carpenters, concreters, electricians, plumbers, painters, cabinetmakers and landscapers. They will not all be onsite at the same time and will be scheduled according to the order that things need to occur within the build.

During the construction process, at least two inspections will be completed – one before the drywall is hung, the other before you move in. An inspector may be provided by your builder, but you are perfectly within your rights to hire a third party if desired. They will ensure that everything has been completed safely and to code.


We hope that you now have a better understanding of all the different people involved in the construction of your home. So, instead of running to your luxury home builder every time you have an issue, make sure that you are taking it up with the right person. Just remember that any issues with trades people should be taken up with your construction manager!

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