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Linda Lamb
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Raised in Chicago, Linda has always loved the area and can’t imagine calling any place else “home.” Through the years though, her different careers- first as an in-demand computer programmer and then a highly-organized corporate event planner – required her to travel all over the country. But no matter where she hung her hat, she always made it a point to give back to her community. Needless to say, Linda found her way back home and Chicago is again benefiting from Linda’s big heart.

If you ask her clients, some will say it’s her real estate expertise that makes it so enjoyable and easy to work with her, but most of her clients will comment about how much she cares. She understands the emotions and decisions involved with buying or selling a home, and knows the impact those decisions have on your future.

An expert in Real Estate Marketing, Linda is most sought after by Sellers & Developers who want to sell their property quickly and for top dollar. Her innovative marketing approach focusing on the right audience results in generating high excitement and traffic for the property.

Buyer’s love working with Linda because of her focus on satisfying the deep personal needs and wants for them.  She knows there is more to the purchase of their dream home than just the number of bedrooms. She works with the buyer to discover the benefits they want from their home - benefits such as: comfort, convenience, safety, privacy, value, security are discovered during the initial interview process.

“Linda has integrity and honesty, is accommodative, respectful, seeks to understand the interests of her clients and hard working.”

“Linda is positive and has no hesitation, neither wastes any time in providing the appropriate services just to help, assist or to make sure that her clients receive their needs beyond their expectations.”

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