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Linda McKissack lights up a room, especially a room full of Business or Real Estate professionals, eager to take their careers to the highest possible level.

Linda is described as “a dynamic force”; an entrepreneur, realtor, author, trainer, and highly regarded speaker. Linda’s genuine results-driven personality pushes the buttons that drive people to change their lives and aspire to greater heights.

Linda began her career as a Real Estate Sales Professional in the mid 80’s. After a not-so-successful start, Linda looked for and found some of the best mentors and practitioners in the industry. She built models and systems from what she learned, and those crucial moves put her on the path to success. Today, Linda’s Real Estate Sales Practice consistently sells over 60 million in Volume and Closes in excess of 375 units each year. What is unique about her Real Estate Sales practice is that she is one of a handful of Real Estate Professionals nationally who have converted their sales jobs into a great business.

As Linda says, “You know you have a business when you can leave for six months or a year and your business breathes a life of its own and continues to grow in profits. It’s all about ‘Success through People,’ hiring talent and creating an environment where everyone can succeed.”

As an entrepreneur Linda’s portfolio of businesses include five real estate brokerage franchises, regional ownership for Keller Williams Realty, a mortgage company, a speaking and consulting business, as well as functioning as an owner-investor in numerous residential and commercial properties. By mastering the “art of leverage” Linda has been able to create many residual streams of income. While she loves to build businesses, Linda says her true passion is to help others succeed and has been recognized as an Mentor an serves on the iSucceed Faculty.

Recently Linda fulfilled another aspiration, and co-authored a book with her husband Jim and one of her mentors, Tony Jeary: Presentation Mastery for Realtors: Building Your Brand, Presenting your Best Self, and Doubling your Income. Linda’s book is designed as a guide for Real Estate professionals at all levels and small business owners. Linda Says “Presentation Mastery for Realtors is proven systems, models, and experiences in the trenches that built the foundation of our business success!”


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