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ListingDomains was founded in 1999 by real estate professionals to offer unique Website marketing tools for the real estate industry, Properties Online bridges traditional marketing techniques with the ever evolving Internet. Their products have increased lead generation while saving time for agents, sellers and buyers.

Properties Online founders realized how easy it is to have a listing lost amongst the shuffle on MLS and agency Websites. This inspired them in 2000 to create their core product ListingDomains, a patented technology that allows agents to offer their clients their very own Property website. Since then, ListingDomains has undergone years of beta testing and upgrades to make it both efficient and extremely user friendly.

ListingDomains enables property brokers and agents to create a compelling web presence for each property and uses the actual property address as the domain name. Each domain offers significantly more information about the property than the traditional tabular listings available online today. Fully customizable to meet the demands and buying characteristics of the local market, the easy-to-use platform:

Empowers agents to efficiently expand their business, generate more traffic and leads.
Draws sellers with a high-tech and unique way to showcase their property 24/7/365.
Motivates buyers with a visually stimulating experience, rich in information content that will invite follow-up contact with the listing agent and broker.

Properties Online is committed to developing their program, building relationships and solidifying strategic partnerships that allow for them to offer their product at the lowest possible price. Today they hold one US Patent for ListingDomains and have another pending.

Contact Details
Properties Online, LLC
Home of the Listing Domain website
1820 Empire Industrial Ct. Suite C
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

1.800.826.5123 (U.S. toll free)
1.800.961.8349 (Canada toll free)
707.303.3480 Local/International


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