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Lone Star Funds (Lone Star) are closed-end, private-equity limited partnerships that include corporate and public pension funds, university endowments, foundations, bank holding companies, family trusts and insurance companies. Since 1995, the principals of Lone Star have organized private equity funds totaling more than $13.3 billion to invest globally in secured and corporate unsecured debt instruments, real estate related assets and select corporate opportunities. Lone Star has affiliate offices in London, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Dallas, Dublin, Brussels, Luxembourg, and Frankfurt. Its general partner is a Bermuda-based entity headquartered in Hamilton.

In Asia, Greater North America and Europe, Lone Star has been a successful investor in non-performing loans and real estate. The volatility of capital flows and the tendency of the banking system to cyclically over-finance and then under-finance the property and other sectors provide investment opportunities for Lone Star around the world. Global real estate and capital markets continue to offer opportunistic investment situations. Periodic disruptions, private/public market price disparities and out-of-favor assets provide financing opportunities for a fast-moving investor such as Lone Star. In this environment, Lone Star has the ability to identify, structure and finance investments efficiently and discreetly to produce optimal results.

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Real Estate Information Sources - General Real Estate Information
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