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Tony Tzouvelis is not only an expert in property investment, but works hard to create a family of investment opportunities for clients. Property can build great wealth for people from all walks of life; itís why Tony and his team inspire, educate and act to achieve greater returns for clients in the property market.

Tony Tzouvelis has many years of experience in property investment and development. Placing the client in the centre of the process, Tony and his team helps everyday people figure out the intricacies of the property market. Tony is across all the latest market trends, giving expert advice on where to buy, when to sell and strategies to maximise gains and reduce tax.

Property is a long-term strategy for wealth creation, and Tony is a seasoned guide that will accompany clients now and into the future. Setting realistic and trackable goals, you can look at how your portfolio or investment is progressing with each consultation. Tony and his expert team at National Sterling Group will make course corrections as the market changes. Tony gets involved as much as the client wants, with personalised attention given to all your concerns and questions.

Tony also uses his property expertise as a property developer. Among his recent acquisitions is a retail and apartment complex with a local first open terrace area for residents at 103-115 Pier St., Altona. He has also helped developed the The Duggan St, Brunswick West apartment complex and the Highett Rd., Highett revitalisation and retail project.

With investment and development experience through National Sterling, Tony Tzouvelis has the know-how to achieve great results for clients.

Home Selling Questions - Agent, Offer & Commissions FAQ's
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