The Real Estate Encyclopedia Partners Land For Sale In Louisiana Network With First South Farm Credit
Category - Real Estate Information Sources - Real Estate Articles announces strategic partnership withhttp://firstsouthfarmcredit.comFirst South Farm Credit of Jackson Mississippi providing farms, ranches,timberland and recreational properties for sale on their website. Now visitorsbrowsing these associations' websites can search the largest database of ruralland listings in Louisianaprovided by



August 18, 2010 -- This partnership between http://louisianalandsource.comLouisianaLandsource.comand First South Farm Credit in Mississippihas enabled these Associations to embed thousands of searchable farms, ranches,timberland and recreational properties for sale into their websites. Nowvisitors browsing these websites can search the largest database of rural landlistings in Louisianaprovided by


The majority of LouisianaLandsource.comís properties areadvertised by rural land brokers and real estate agents. This makes thepartnership even more beneficial to the association because rural land brokersare the key to driving real estate financing business to the association.Through advertising the rural land brokers' properties on the First South FarmCredit websites, the association is able to drive buyers to the rural landbrokers, who in return will hopefully finance those properties through FirstSouth Farm Credit.


"The partnership with First South Farm Credit has beena perfect fit, we both share the same objective of providing the best servicepossible to rural real estate agents and brokers," said Chuck Magee,, LLC. "We are excited about the increased exposurethis partnership will provide our rural real estate agents that use our networkto advertise their listings."


Another key aspect of the partnership is the Land Financing Center that has beensponsored on LouisianaLandsource.comís website. Many of today's buyers are newto the way rural land loans work compared to residential loans. These LandFinancing Centers will assist these buyers in understanding how these ruralland loans differ.

This partnership with will allow ourcustomers to both find rural real estate and obtain financing information onthe same website, Plus it helps generate business for the rural real estateagents and brokers in our area who are key to loan origination.


First South Farm Credit is the Farm Credit System's largestlending institution in Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi,and the only institution offering uninterrupted loans and financial servicessince 1933., LLC. is an online real estatemarketing service for brokers specializing in Land For Sale In Mississippi.Their network of 64 websites advertises their members' properties to thousandsof monthly visitors. The company was formed in 1999 and is headquartered in McComb, Mississippi

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