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Louisiana Roofing Should You Repair Your Roof Or Replace It
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Your home is most likely your largest single investment and a new roof is one of the biggest investments homeowners can make on their home. A professional Louisiana roofing contractor can help make the decision weather you should repair or replace your existing roof less stressful. 

A trusted can help you make the proper decision on when it is time to make the large investment to replace your roof. In the Denham Springs and Baton Rouge Louisiana areas we have had several recent hail and wind storm and this may be the perfect time to have your roof inspected for damage form the recent storm activity. Many good roofing companies will inspect your homes roof for free in hopes that they will have a shot at your business in the event hail and wind storm damage is found.

The goal of a quality trusted roofing contractor is to educate the homeowner on his options of repair or replacement. If you are considering a roof replacement I would recommend several things to consider and to question your roofing professional on prior to your decision. One of the first things to consider is how long you plan to keep your home. If you have plans on selling your in one to five years you need to ask yourself will it pass a home inspection at that time. If it will not pass a home inspection at the time of closing will it pass with more repairs or will it require a full roof replacement. 

The roofing consultant should inspect the entire roof to address potential leaks and any other deficiencies. A good roofer will inspect all facets of your roof, the shingles, flashing, chimney flashing and condition of the decking which will also lead to finding potential leaks. A good roofing contractor will also tell you the likelihood of additional leaks in the near future. You must weigh future leaks and interior damage from potential leaks against repair cost now. 

If your needs repairs and you do those repairs will the roof repair work match the existing roof or will it be a potential eye sore? This will matter much more if you are trying to sell the home. The chances are not good of a repair matching no matter how good your roofer is due to weathering of the roof. Some repairs will weather in after a few months but will likely remain noticeable.

One last question to ask yourself is if the repair is made or not will the problem or potential problem remain on your mind. Has the roof leak been hard to find and a problem to remedy? Would you be more comfortable and have more peace of mind if you replaced your roof?

Finally, look to the internet for referrals from the Better Business Bureau, your local Chamber of Commerce, Angie’s list, family and friends. Excellent service, fair pricing, good workmanship are all things you should expect from a good quality roofing contractor.


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