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Take Control of Your Inbox
As we progress further into the information age, email has become an essential part of our identities. Unfortunately, like our home address, it's also become a prime target for unsolicited junk email - and worse. Read on for some tips on regaining control of your inbox!
  • Is there any way to stop the torrent of daily spam? Well, one guaranteed way to keep it coming is to click on the "unsubscribe" link included in most spam emails - it just verifies your address for spammers! Your best bet is to guard your email address. The fewer people that have your email address, the less junk mail you'll get: It's that simple. An excellent list of anti-spam resources is available by clicking here.
  • Don't fall for urban legends and chain emails! Odds are if it's widely circulated via email and contains an encouragement to forward it to others, it's at least an exaggeration - if not an outright falsehood. Either way, it's probably a time-waster. Do yourself and the people in your address book a favor and check it out on urban legend reference site first.
  • Avoid email viruses - don't open attachments from senders you don't know, and never open an attachment in a file format you're unfamiliar with. Even a sender you know is no guarantee of a safe email - users can be infected with an email virus and not even know it. Make certain you have a virus protection program that can scan your incoming emails. And if there's the slightest doubt as to whether an email attachment is safe, verify it with the sender or your resident tech expert.
Browser Wars: The Latest Chapter
When it comes to the Windows-based personal computer market, It's not often that a web browser comes along that can challenge the market dominance enjoyed by Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser. Netscape is an alternative that has been around since even before IE, and now a new challenger has appeared on the horizon: Firefox. With nearly 45 million downloads of the program (according to over the last few months, it stands to put a serious dent in Microsoft's armor.

More customizable than Internet Explorer, Firefox benefits from the availability of third-party "plugins," ranging from pop-up blockers to privacy managers to developer tools. The "open source" nature of Firefox's underlying code, and the resulting ease with which developers can create enhancements and rapid bug fixes, is a prime reason behind its skyrocketing popularity.

Even if you have no interest in downloading Firefox for your own use, you would do well to double-check and make certain that your website is compatible with it. Browsers often differ in how they display web sites, and a site can look fantastic in Internet Explorer and be nearly inaccessible in another browser. Make sure you're reaching the maximum number of potential customers with your site!

Keep it Current: The Key to Content
Chances are, prior to creating your first web site, you spent many hours deciding what should go on it, where it should go, what information you should gather from prospects and what information you'd provide to them in return. You wrote or approved copy, chose or approved graphics, decided for or against Flash and other eye-catching technologies. You made sure your lead generation system was operating properly, you had autoresponders set up to immediately answer all incoming emails and you put someone in charge of monitoring traffic and statistics. Then you probably breathed a sigh of relief and went back to the business of closing transactions.

Now the question is, when was the last time you looked at it?

All too often busy agents spend enormous amounts of energy in crafting a polished, effective website, only to let the content languish without any updates for days, weeks, months, even years! A recent survey of agent websites revealed the majority had outdated information of some sort still visible on the site, and that some had sections that hadn't been updated in years. To build an excellent website and then forget about updating it is akin to planting a beautiful new rosebush and then forgetting to water it. Take a look at the following tips to keep your content fresh:

  • Set up standardized automatic reminders for certain updates - Every year you remain in the business is another year you've been in the business! Does the bio on your website reflect this? Set up a recurring yearly reminder to check this valuable statistic every year. You can also set reminders to update other information, for instance, reminders for you to post holiday appropriate articles around Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Setting up these reminders all at once allows you to do it one time - and forget about it!
  • Review your content on a regular basis - Beyond your personal bio statistics there are all sorts of other links and information on your site that may change from week to week, or month to month. Any links you provide to other websites should be tested regularly; you never know when they might break or move to a new location. Any real-time community information you provide should be posted during its appropriate time frame, and then removed when the time frame has passed. Do you have phone numbers, addresses posted for local businesses? Make sure they're still valid and working numbers, and add some new ones!
  • Update, update, update! - Ideally you should be adding new information for your customers to see every day, every few days, or at the very least every week. Keeping your content fresh gives your customers a reason to keep coming back! Even if they're not in the market to buy or sell immediately, if you provide valuable neighborhood/community information on a regular basis you can establish yourself over time as a source of information in the area. Then when the person is ready to buy or sell, your name is first in their mind.
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