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Davison is a founding partner of 1000Watt Consulting. He has more than twenty five years of experience in advertising, marketing and entrepreneurship.  A native of New York City, Marc attended Princeton University where his creative talents as a writer and musician competed with and eventually won out over his academic aspirations. At the close of his third year he left for a recording contact with Polydor and toured with his band. After a stint with Young and Rubicam, he in 1984 left to found DGE entertainment, a full service PR agency focused on the music industry.  

In 1997, Marc sold DGE and moved to California. In 1998, Marc founded Access Media Group and provided marketing and strategic consulting services. In 2002, Marc help found VREO, Inc., a technology company delivering software solutions to real estate agents and brokers before founding 1000Watt Consulting with partner Brian Boero.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Technology Individuals
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