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If you could master lead generation, convert and commit those leads to an appointment, deliver a brilliant listing presentation, and then use those secrets to convert and commit the buyer every time... you would have all the pieces you need to solve the great success puzzle in the Real Estate Sales Process, said Dirk Zeller, CEO of Real Estate Champions.  Today The RealtyU Bookstore is pleased to announce that it will be featuring Zeller’s: “The Success Trio”.    According to Zeller, these three programs give agents the secrets they need to simplify and master the three most difficult parts of the Real Estate Sales Process.


Lead Mastery

The three modules offer a lead categorization assessment system, 81 proven and tested lead scripts designed to help the agent capture, assess, qualify, and follow-up with leads.  Zeller reveals his time-tested and field-proven dialogues, forms, checklists, prospect interview worksheets complete voicemail script system and 15 follow-up letter templates.  According to The RealtyU Bookstore, the Lead Master System is designed to help agents to save thousands of hours in prospecting. 


Dynamic Listing Presentations

Experts agree that the difference between getting the listing and walking out with a "We'll think it over and get back to you" response, can be often centered on listing presentation errors.  According to Zeller, his program has been successfully tried by thousands of agents.  Zeller ask the reader one question:  What would life be like if you had all the winning scripts and dialogues to help you nail the listing presentation?  This  step-by-step instructions, includes the following


  • Seller Handouts for the Listing Presentation
  • Listing Package (Templates, Surveys, Handout, Forms & Checklists)
  • Prospect Pre-Qualification Interview Scripts
  • Presentation Evaluation Worksheet
  • Tactics Customized for your Client’s Mind
  • Advanced Conversion Techniques to Drive Them to Commit
  • Tactics for Closing
  • How to Guarantee Long Term Commitment
  • Tools to Get Them to Sign a Represent Agreement Now!
  • Prospect Capture, Inventory, and Conversion Forms

The Success Trio contains essential tools that every listing Agent needs and comes includes 12 audio CD’s and three CD-ROM workbooks with scripts, handout and forms. For a limited time a special introductory offer is available at


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