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Meet You on the Course in Lake Tahoe
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A little business-friendly leisure time is well spent on the green enjoying a challenging game of golf. For the residents and the visitors of Lake Tahoe, there is the idyllic Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing, known for its “return to tradition” standards.

The community of Gray’s Crossing is supportive of local businesses, making it a great meeting place to conduct a round of networking, or perhaps a little team-building (as recently seen with the staff at
Carr Long Real Estate). Lake Tahoe itself is the perfect region to develop personal bonds, hold group functions or get-togethers. The summer mountain airmakes it easy to slow down, breath in, relax and refocus. Combine this atmosphere with the noble sport of golf, and you’ve got the perfect situation for developing relationships.
Playing a good game of golf can be a step to a healthier future for your body, mind and business. Studies show that physical activity and business success are strongly correlated – and golf is a great physical activity that anyone can enjoy. It takes you outdoors, it gets you walking, swinging, and putting. Golf can be great for solo players to help clear the mind and get prepared for upcoming events. It can also be a perfect situation for strengthening bonds between multiple people – it can bring long-time coworkers closer together, and it can get new business relationships off the ground. As a business tool, golf is a long-term winning solution.

It’s also a healthy outlet for a competitive spirit. Even solo players can compete with themselves. In any business in the country, you’ll find owners and executives with at least a little bit of a challenge-tackling streak – after all, healthy competition means healthy markets! And a little inter-office challenge can actually bring teams much closer together, strengthening the business’s overall ability to thrive.

The Golf Club at Gray’s Crossing meets the needs of those who are serious about the game of golf. Peter Jacobsen and Jim Hardy designed this spectacular Lake Tahoe golf course to fit the needs of the golfer who wanted a championship golf course that provided a traditional “club” feel without needing to be a member. Here, each golfer will enjoy the fairways and the use of the environment around it. For those times off the golf course, there is a golf shop and an indoor/outdoor bar and grill – so business meetings don’t have to end when the last ball is dropped.

About The Company:

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