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Mentoring Fills Gap Between Licensing and Profitability
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In recent times, mentoring has emerged as not only one of the swiftest and most economical paths to success, but is also unique in that its outcome (increased knowledge and skills for the individual being mentored) is one of the most predictable in reaching success and profitability in the real estate industry.


The word mentoring comes from a Greek word, which means "enduring." The origins of the word spring from Homer's classic "The Odyssey," where Odysseus, going off to war, chose "Mentor" to protect and advise his son Telemachus.

Today mentoring is generally defined as a sustained and or enduring teacher-student relationship. More specifically it is:

  • Conveying of wisdom, knowledge, insight and perspective
  • An educational process, role modeling, counseling, or guidance
  • An opportunity for professional development and growth in both parties

Data clearly shows many people have a strong need for positive role models - role models that can provide step-by-step expertise and guidance much akin to the apprenticeship concept where people work together as a team.


Typically, real estate mentoring takes place between a more experienced top producer and a less experienced agent or an agent seeking specific knowledge about a specific business strategy. In that sense, mentoring can be viewed as a type of partnership in which one who has experienced real estate success is willing to share his or her industry secrets, acquired skills, experiences and money-making tactics.

Mentoring generates immediate results! The practical lessons, the examples, the shortcuts and the step-by-step business plans all add up to an unparalleled method of delivering solid career guidance. And best of all, mentoring delivers a roadmap to success - with the potholes and pitfalls clearly marked!

By receiving mentoring, real estate agents with a desire to better themselves can quickly learn how to adjust and improve existing weak or flawed strategies. They’ll also become confident with unfamiliar business practices, difficult economic periods, hungry competitors, internet-savvy clients, and daily technological advancements.


Search Google with the words “real estate mentoring” and over 100,000 sites are listed. The question remains, however: “How do I find a good mentor?” The key, of course, is finding a mentor, or for that matter a group of mentors, who really know what they are talking about. Mentors should ideally be people who have already achieved success in the industry and have shown an expert level of skill, experience and knowledge in their chosen field.

In the real estate industry, iSucceed, Inc. stands out as the company providing the most comprehensive mentoring service to real estate agents. This service is priced at only a $1 a day and provides agents access to a large vault of existing knowledge, gathered from hundreds of top producers during the last three years.

The service further offers:

  • A live Group Counseling Call with a top producing agent every Thursday.
  • Actual Marketing Tools, prelist packs, scripts, flyers etc. from these top producing agents.
  • Over hundreds of Money-Making Modules revealing the proven systems and strategies of these top agents, delivered in audio and text format in 60 categories.
  • Over 300 hours of Self Paced Practical Online Learning covering topics such as New Agent Training, Broker Management, Office Staff and Personal Assistant, Business Planning, Life Balancing, Technology and more.
  • A library of Questions and Answers from the top agents, including answers to some of the industry’s toughest questions.

With this large volume of cost-effective quality support available, success is inevitable when the mentoring path is chosen.


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