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Merrie Turner Lightner
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Merrie Turner Lightner grew up in Southern California, but she has made San Francisco her home since 1979. She graduated from Pomona College and the University of California School of Law at Davis.  Her legal background includes both real estate and labor management law.

Merrie has held several prominent positions at the local and state level of the real estate community including President of the California Apartment Association (1999), a three term President of the San Francisco Apartment Association (1996-1998), and serving as one of two voting Landlord Commissioners on the San Francisco Rent and Stabilization Board for more than 12 years (1992 - 2004). 

At both the local and state level she has crafted important legislation, developed policies and assisted in setting reasonable, realistic and acceptable standards for the ethical management of residential housing.  She regularly shares her expertise as a guest speaker, an expert witness for landlord-tenant cases, as an educator, and through written articles.  She is both an owner of and the major contributor to on on-line landlord information resource.

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Professionals in Real Estate - Real Estate Industry Leaders
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