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Miami real estate blogsite with a great web presence has been launched. Full of Miami content, miamisms, from things to do to places to visit, events, and day to day Miami happenings.

Some things just exemplify the Miami way of life. They are Miamisms - the unique things that make Miami beautiful, exciting, and fun. And at, Enrique Garcia (Rick) and Ines Hegedus-Garcia, a Coldwell Banker husband-and-wife Realtor team, offer site visitors a great source of information on the Miami area, from market conditions to the best places to go on vacation in Miami (even if you live there).

The Garcias' new blog, launched in June of 2007, also allows visitors to view their Miami-area real estate listings, search for properties online, calculate mortgage payments, and read testimonials from past customers. Ines is an architect by profession, and she offers complimentary architectural design consulting for her customers. Rick is a licensed mortgage broker with a bachelor's degree in business and a master's in accounting. The couple also provides information on architectural, design, business, tax and mortgage issues on the blog.

"Our goal with this blog is challenging. We want to open a channel of communication where we can have honest, down-to-earth dialogue with our customers about market conditions, about the ways we deal with daily issues in our Miami real estate business and about our daily life in general," Ines said. "Although we are Realtors and we do sell properties, we want our customers to trust us and to know that we represent their best interest."

If you are interested in buying real estate or to sell your home in Miami, call Rick and Ines at 305-758-2323 or visit Do you have your own Miamism you would like to share? Send your idea to Rick and Ines at info @ It may be featured on the blog!

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Real Estate Social Media - Blogs Real Estate Agents
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