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New York City Real Estate Group specializing in Luxury NYC Apartments for Sale

To best serve You we offer comprehensive selection of Manhattan Apartments - access to 100,000 Listings in Tri-State Area.

Personalized service by leading You through every step of the exciting Manhattan Apartment buying process.

  • Help You define Your "Wish List" of features You want in Your NYC Apartment, Your NYC Neighborhood and NYC School District.
  • Walk You through the financial details associated with buying a NYC Apartment.
  • Monitor all new NYC Apartments listings and alert You to new properties as soon as they are put on the market.
  • We also offer following additional assistance:
    Mortgage Brokerage - complete mortgage services provided through Preferred Empire
  • Settling-In service - all You need to feel at Your new NYC Apartment
  • Relocation - corporate and individual services and sales
  • Senior Housing - consultation and sales services to senior customers

Eliminate the stress involved with buying NYC Apartment by putting our years of New York City Real Estate experience to work for You.

What We Provide to New York City Home Buyers

Our goal is to help home buyers find the right home, at the best possible price with the least amount of problems.

  1. Help you determine your ideal home by looking at your needs, home options and the current New York City market
  2. Guide you through pre-qualification and pre-approval for becoming a New York City home buyer
  3. Provide an overview of target neighborhoods and communities that best fit you
  4. Organize and schedule your home search process including showings of available homes
  5. Compare homes, and make offers on the best home for you.
  6. Present the offer and negotiate on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.
  7. Help you coordinate the best team to close your home including trusted title, mortgage and insurance professionals.
  8. Coordinate and manage pre-closing paperwork and documents.
  9. Help you close your transaction by working with the title company, resolving last minute issues and ensuring a smooth closing.
  10. Help you with post-closing issues, moving in and enjoying your new home!

What We Provide to New York City Home Sellers

Our goal is to help home sellers realize the most amount of money from their home sale, in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of problems.

  1. Help you review your needs, reasons for selling and the appropriate timetable for maximizing your home's value.
  2. Provide you with local market and neighborhoods insights to put your home in the best possible sales position.
  3. Determine your pricing strategy, including the best selling price given the current market conditions.
  4. Get your home ready to sell, including repairs, improving and home staging tips.
  5. Develop your marketing strategy including print, mailing and Internet, open house, and promotional schedules.
  6. Coordinate open houses, showings and marketing events to agents and potential buyers.
  7. Obtain and help you evaluate offers.
  8. Negotiate offers, counteroffers and advise you on final terms and conditions.
  9. Prepare a post-contract work list and work with the buyer's agent on inspections, vendors, repairs and other needed items to sell a home in New York City.
  10. Coordinate and supervise home sale documentation.
  11. Assist in closing: review closing documents, resolve last minute issues and ensure a successful closing.
  12. Assist you with all post closing issues and help you move to your new residence!

Real Estate Companies - Real Estate Brokerage Companies
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