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Mississippi Real Estate For Sale-Finding A Good Investment In A Down Market
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Finding a good investment in Mississippi real estate for sale in todayís uncertain market is at best risky. Here are some proven ways to find a good land tract or investment houses.


In the Mississippi real estate for sale market in 2010 uncertainty is an understatement, down right scary might be a better word for whatís going on out there, Real Estate Brokers scared to advertise, bank after bank closing or in trouble and nobody can say if the worst is over or if we are in for a double dip in the Real Estate train wreck. With all this said why on earth would you invest in Mississippi Real Estate for sale right now, well Iíll tell you why, in a down market there are always deals to be had. The main people to take hits on real estate have been speculative borrowers and their lenders, commercial property has been the next in line for some pretty hard hits and then the American public with housing was next. Now that we know who got hurt or in some cases killed in the market lets move to where to find the deals.


Now we know that speculators and their bankers took the biggest hits you should start your search with your local banks and local Real Estate Brokers, see if they have any bank owned Real Estate, next keep your eyes on the classifieds for any foreclosures and if you see something you would like move quickly here you wont have much time to get it bought out of pre foreclosure.  Most people have never bought land or houses from a auction but this is a great way to buy a land tract or even a house to rehab, the U.S.D.A. is a Government agency that has always done a lot of foreclosures and that certainly has not slowed down with the economy derailing, they always publish their bid dates in the local paper with the highest circulation so watch in the local news paper for that. Now is a very touchy time for many people so the next example you should be very diplomatic with, go to your County Court House and check the tax receipts for property that has out standing taxes for the current year and taxes that are in arrears for the last three years and mail these people a letter do not call, calling is to intrusive and you will just put people on the defensive.


We have discussed where to look but one thing we must go over is your ability to purchase the Mississippi Real Estate for sale when you find it. You must have your finances in order today to be able to buy unless you are a cash buyer; if you have cash you are in the driverís seat in the investment world, watch your cash, what I mean by this is borrowed money has not been this cheep in decades so use some of your cash and some of the banks money. If you are cashed up and by this you have a substantial amount of cash reserves then you are still loan worthy, negotiate hard with the banks because in this market you can.



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