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Modern Design Trends Taking Over Lake Tahoe
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Lake Tahoe, already known for its beautiful homes, is trending toward building elegant and sleek new units in its luxurious ski communities. The homes will range from $2 to $3.5 million dollars. The new Tahoe luxury properties will average 2000-3500 sq. ft., and is contemporary home architecture at its best. The architectural firm behind this new trend, Bohlin Cywnski Jackson, is the same creative design team behind such innovative tech houses as Stanford’s Apple Store and Square, Inc. in San Francisco.

The chalets in Tahoe were once grand. The new developments must also be considered grand, but they must look different. As a result, the new look will borrow its inspiration from European Alpine buildings that are built from natural, warm materials. These material will also complete Tahoe’s climate.

The new, simple sleek look will deviate from the traditional use of big stones and logs. Tahoe home-building trends are now incorporating stones and woods of warmer colors.

Home decorations, a staple drove past architectural design, will be eliminated for an honest and cleaner look. The architects will also deviate from using timber and dark wood and opt for stone floors and cedar walls.

The new Lake Tahoe luxury properties will also offer captivating features, which include tall and wide windows that will give occupants the ability to clearly view Tahoe’s snow-capped mountains during the winter, and its magnificent forests during other seasons.

Nontraditional home designs have rarely experienced popularity in the Tahoe Mountains. Tahoe vacationers and residents have always preferred that homes adopt the look of lodges and forest cabins. In the 1960s, the area experimented with flat roofs and glass construction, but abandoned the trend when it became apparent that roofs leaked and collapsed under the snow.

This made it easy for the “Old Tahoe” architecture to triumph by returning to the sloping roof lines and gable dormers of the past. Contemporary designs are once again gaining ground, from communities like Incline Village and Alpine Meadows to Tahoe City and Tahoe Donner.

These new homes will also eliminate the problem of collapsing and leaking roofs. One sure way to let more of the outside in is with glass. However, wood has to be a major element within the home. A home that is white and spotless can impart the same feeling as being outside all day in the elements. These new building trends will offer exciting times for those who prefer a Tahoe getaway.

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Carr Long Real Estate has over 50 years of combined experience helping families live and play in the North Lake Tahoe area. As a professional Lake Tahoe luxury real estate team, Carr Long brings a history of high productivity, a strong work ethic and two valuable office locations in the Village at Northstar and The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe. Their expertise areas include The Village at Northstar, Northstar single family homes, Northstar condominiums, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Lake Tahoe, Martis Camp, Lahontan, Old Greenwood, Gray’s Crossing, Schaffer’s Mill and Tahoe Donner.

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