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How is a Modular Home Built?
Before you can even begin to build your modular home on-site, you will have to take care of a few things. You will need to buy the land, choose your builder, and iron out any financial details, long before your home is delivered to your construction site. Once thatís all squared away, your new modular home construction begins. Of course, with that in mind, once youíve finalized the land purchase, chosen your home builder, and the taken care of the budget, the rest of the process of building the home is pretty straightforward.

Modular homes are partially built off-site in a contained and controlled setting, but they also require the final installation and finishing work to be completed on the actual construction site. For that to happen, of course, you must have all the other details taken care of first.

Three Final Steps to the Modular Home of Your Dreams

Building modular homes is a far easier endeavor than doing framing and construction for a stick-built home. You simply pick out a design or floor plan from the builder and you are ready to begin your journey towards having your first modular home. While the foundation is being put in place on your land, your modular home is being built on a production line to your exact specifications. After that, you will need to complete three simple steps to finish the process:

1. Shipping and Delivery - The home is shipped to the site where it is installed on the recently finished foundation. Youíll need to ensure the right time and place for the builder to deliver it, and youíll need all your paperwork squared away with the appropriate firms beforehand.

2. Finishing Construction - Any final construction that needs to take place is done. Youíll need to ensure that the floor plan is correct as ordered.

3. Final Inspections - Before you can live in the home, it has to be inspected and a certificate of occupancy issued to you, approving the dwelling as a suitable home. Once received, youíre welcome to move in!

Since modular homes are prefabricated partially off-site, it lessens the amount of time to build the house and you can get into a brand-new home in record time.
Modular homes are increasing in popularity, especially in the Midwest, and itís easy to see why. The customization, the personalization, the ease and the efficiency make modular homes a smart choice for any homeowner.

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Milam Anderson is the founder of Rochester Homes, Inc., a company based in Rochester specializes only in modular homes. In April of 1972, Milam Anderson turned the first shovel of dirt to create Rochester Homes. Since that time Rochester Homes, Inc. has been building quality homes with innovative designs. This company has been owned and managed by the family ever since, with the second and third generations currently at Rochester Homes, Inc. (Top Right). Their customers take comfort in knowing Rochester Homes, Inc. is entering its third generation to lead it into the next 40 years of building a particular home for particular people.

Home Ownership Questions - Building Your Home FAQ's
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