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Monica McKinney is an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, a Broker/Officer, educator, and an award-winning writer.  She holds several college degrees in real estate and mortgage related fields and is also certified in both disciplines.

Monica’s latest work “Now I Get It!” is an educational guidebook written to help people understand the mortgage loan process and how loans really work, in order to better their financial position in life.  

As an educator, Monica teaches people how to look at the mortgage loan process FROM THE INSIDE, the way the lender views the loan.

Monica McKinney continues to spread the message of ‘financial literacy’ in her writings and in her daily interactions with clients and students.


ABI Researcher of The Year

The Communicator Award

Iliad Literary Award

The Videographer Award

Telly Award


Mortgage Mysteries Demystified

Monica's new title is a real estate financing guidebook:

Now I Get It!: Mortgage Mysteries Demystified

(A Layman's Guide to Understanding Mortgage Loans)



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