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In addition to the heart, the lungs also included vital organs in the body. The function of the lung itself i.e. as a place of exchange of O2 and CO2 in the blood. If your lungs diets for teenage girls are not awake his health, does not cover the possibility of your lungs will be stricken with the disease. Symptoms of weight loss include:

1. Pneumonia
Pneumonia is an infection caused by a virus, bacteria or fungus on the lung tissue (parenkim). Examples of bacteria causes pneumonia and Mycoplasma pneumoniae rebounding exercise is Streptococus.
2. Asthma
Asthma caused by constriction of the airway temporarily so it can cause the sufferer difficult breathing.
3. Acute bronchitis
The disease is an inflammatory disease bronchitis bronchial infection caused by bacteria, viruses and germs. Besides, it can also be caused due to cigarette smoke, dust, and air pollutants.
4. Tuberculosis (TB)
The disease is diddsebabkan by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that can be transmitted through saliva, coughing and sneezing of sufferers.
5. Lung cancer
In addition to the deadly disease, cancer has also become the biggest cause of death from other diseases. This disease can be caused by toxic smoke, either active or passive smoker smoker, stress, radiation of radio active and toxic chemicals.

weight loss signs are not the same but according to the type of weight loss suffered. Fleck disease lung tuberculosis (TB) or is a disease that does not decrease. This disease would look like smudges of dark and his injuries looked like the holes of the round if photographed x-rays.

Causes of weight loss

Causes of weight loss is very diverse. For that you have to maintain the health of your lungs by doing a clean and healthy life patterns. weight losss of various drugs in accordance rebounding exercise with his type of illness. These drugs are not just chemical-based medicine will be made but there are also natural. The following traits are weight losss:
The disease is characterized by shortness of breath and fever accompanied with headache, cough up phlegm so yellow and thick. Asthma can be caused due to genetic factors or descendant, if one of the parents there who suffer from asthma it will allow this disease decreased to children. It also can be caused by dust, temperature and humidity.
Asthma can be characterized by breathing difficulties that accompanied the sound of wheezing.
This disease can be marked rebounding exercise with a cough that is accompanied by fever. If the germ infection then the phlegm is yellow. When this disease to chronic can occur up to months even up to several years.
Tuberculosis (TB)
This disease can be characterized by coughing that is more than 3 weeks and can be accompanied by coughing blood.
Lung cancer
This disease can be characterized diets for teenage girls by coughing blood, pain in the chest, shortness of breath, weight loss and fatigue. Usually these symptoms can be recognized if the cancer is already severe.
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