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If you are 200 sales-a-year superstar Char MacCallum, everyday is real estate business as usual. The formula is simple: initiate and maintain continuous communication with your client; carefully analyze their needs; remain sensitive to their requirements; orient your client to market conditions; explain real estate practices and procedures; provide information on financing alternatives; thoroughly analyze the entire inventory; provide information on selected properties; and avoid wasting time.

That sounds simple enough, but it's the nitty-gritty details of exactly how to do that, consistently, regularly, day in and day out, that separates the amateurs from the professionals. Now MacCallum, in response to a huge request from high-producers as well as those sitting on the sideline, tells it all in her new edition of Char MacCallum's Buyer Workbook.

"It is amazing to see the response and how agents are adjusting with fancy footwork, to respond to this new seller's market, and Char's secrets are what every agent, young and old is asking for," said iSucceed's president William Shue. "This Buyer's Presentation Workbook is a must-have for any serious agent looking to capitalize on the current buyer-centric market."

Updated in the summer of 2006, the presentation now includes a new 44-page relocation package and a 41-minute audio file of pure mentoring gold, providing precise, step-by-step instructions on how to use the buyer package during an actual presentation. According to MacCallum, the package also includes these extra bonuses: a special presentation featuring an information capture device; a postcard that doubles as a permissible Change of Address form; and an invite to celebrate the buyers' first night in their new home with dinner and a movie provided by the agent.

"Char and iSucceed have taken what was already an amazingly successful Buyer's Presentation and moved it into the stratosphere of quality; the addition of a personal interview with Char describing each and every page of this workbook makes it worth it's weight in gold. The supplemental materials are what really sets this package apart from anything else on the market," explains Shue.

For exclusive information on how to get Char MacCallum's Buyer Workbook and presentation, go to Regularly priced at $149, iSucceed is making the package available for members and visitors for a limited time at the special price of $99.00 + S&H. Just use Promo Code: Fall2006. Valid through 12/31/06

William Shue and iSucceed Online Real Estate Mentoring can be reached at 949-600-7173 or at


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