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Category - Real Estate Social Media - Blogs Real Estate Business, the home building industry’s only dedicated press release media site has been widely embraced by industry professionals with over 300 press releases submitted by over 130 professionals in the first 120 days.  This free application is driving builder information deeper into the Internet and stories are now found on Google, Google News, Yahoo!, Yahoo! News, and a multitude of additional Internet portals.

Two top Buzz publishers, j. simms agency, a San Diego based PR company, and Larry Vershel Communications, a Florida based communications firm, are already experiencing the power of NHD Buzz.  In a Google search for 'j. simms agency',  the 3rd organic search result is the NHD Buzz page representing the press releases of the j. simms agency.  Similarly a Google search for 'Larry Vershel Communications' returns the NHD Buzz page representing the press releases for Larry Vershel Communications in the number 5 organic spot, and a number 4 spot on a / MSN search.

"NHD Buzz is one of the most powerful tools the building industry has for Internet Marketing and Reputation Management", says Jim Adams, CEO and Chief Evangelist for New Homes "We are inviting all industry professionals to participate in getting their company and community information out to the world.  As a Sales and Marketing professional, this is one of the best things you can do for your company, your communities, and yourself as a professional."

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