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  It takes creativity to stay ahead of competition and in this tough real estate market (@ September 2008) you have to constantly re-invent your marketing to not only stay ahead of your competition, but to provide the BEST SERVICE to your selling client.  Our company has always remained on the "cutting edge" of real estate technology and far exceed most of our competition currently.

  There are over 1,000,000 Realtors in the country and only about 106,000 in the network of Real Estate Professionals.  I consider ActiveRain membership by a Realtor as defining an "Elite Realtor" right off the bat because (1) you have demonstrated a desire to learn more about computers and technology and (2) are a part of the largest network of collective knowledge at your fingertips.  It's also an open forum for the general public.

  I am a product of the "Father of Motivational Speakers", Earl Nightengale and his Lead the Field Series back in 1974.  One of his many statements was  "To be somebody, you have to first act as though you are that person".  That's more powerful than you think.  The more you "pretend" and "act like" you are "high tech", you will look back some day are realize you ARE!

  With all that said, being High-Tech is in a large part "perception" and moving that to "reality".  A perception, that is, on the part of your seller client and what's relative to what they know, and how they compare you to other agents.  About the best way to fully grasp this view is to relay the following joke.

  Two guys were camping in the wilderness and decided to take a walk in the woods.  After leisurely walking barefooted down a trail, they saw a sign that said "Beware of Bears".  One guy immediately sits down and puts his tennis shoes on.  His friend said "what's the purpose of putting your shoes on? can't out run a bear!".  The friend responded..."I don't have to out run the bear...only YOU".

  So what that means is you don't have to be as High Tech as some of the gurus in ActiveRain or some genius computer geek;  you only need to be more high-tech than your primarily local competition. 

  Here are some bullet highlights of how our company, Network Real Estate, Inc. maintains a High Tech Marketing status in our market, all of which we do.

 ●Email.  High-Tech email communications. Rarely do I get an email that I do not respond to within an hour.  When I get back to the office I may respond to dozens of people in my SOI (sphere of influence) and current clients.  I also use the Talk Fusion "Video Email" that really blows the socks off some potential clients.  Since they've never seen anything like it before...they become "believers".  Would you consider an agent that returns email comments maybe "once every 15 days" as high tech or efficient?
  ●Computer Speed.  You MUST have at least a DLS speed computer connection.  In other words, try to be at least as fast as Evelyn & Bill Slowski.  (funny Comcast commercials).
  ●Camera.  We use a very high quality Digital Camera that has a "Backlight" feature and when we take interior pictures of our listings, we have all the lights on and all the blinds open and shoot directly into the light.  Your pictures will be bright and clear.
  ●Graphics Program.  We have invested in top Graphics/Picture programs.  We can take our  listing pictures and easily resize them to 650 pixels for the internet;  enhance the light if necessary;  crop the pictures;  and overlay an unlimited amount of things on the picture like text or pointer arrows, etc.  MLS pictures need to look as good as you can produce.
   ●Video Camcorder.  We have a high quality video camcorder to produce REAL Video Walk Through Tours...NOT "slide shows" of existing MLS pictures already in the system.  One of the most powerful distinctions that can set you apart from your competition is to make actual Video Tours of your listings.  Our videos might not win an Oscar, but there is no agent in our area that does it and our clients are very impressed that we do.
   ●Video Editing Program.  We have invested in a high quality video "editing" program.  The video editor allows you to upload the video you make into your computer and edit by adding text, voice overlay, music, add still pics or cut scenes, etc. 
   ●Video Host.  We don't use UTube or Google Video as a host.  The quality just isn't there.  You can upload a perfectly good video that just gets massacred once uploaded.  We use a high quality cutting edge video host called Talk Fusion.  And if you're going to do a video....incase it in something creative.  Here's how we present several of our home videos:  Home Tour Video 814 Parkway Place
  ●eFlyers.  We don't subscribe to those eFlyer services that have canned "templates".  We produce our own from scratch using a html coding program.  We use this program for our ActiveRain blogs, eFlyers, eNewsletters, etc.  Having our own program gives us more flexibility to use it for other purposes.  We create and send an eFlyer on every new listing we get and copy our seller on the email. See actual eFlyer posted in AR blog with hot links.
  ●eNewsletter.  We produce a high-quality and unique CUSTOM eNewsletter and send it to every client, past, present and future as well as friends and acquaintances.  It's a great way to stay in constant communication and we can really get creative with our newsletters when in electronic format.  We add listing links, website links, video links, etc.  Here's a sample eNewsletter that contains some moving icons (gif) and a auto-start video.  December 2007
  ●Website.  You've got to have your own website.  Many agents say they have their own website but it's merely a "page" within their company and they don't have the ability to add or change anything on that page.  There are tons of companies that offer template based websites where you can learn to make your own changes as times change.  We update and change all types of things on our website for the benefit of our listings and buyers by even adding specific pages for one particular client.  We also provide a very valuable service to our metro community by providing this webpage: which is a listing of ALL Property Owner Associations in the metro area with "links".  We are also the only company that provides a  Network Video Webpage 
  ●Internet Listings.  You've have to do more than just enter a listing in the local MLS and personal website.  We don't put listings in the MLS for only "agents" to know about it....we put all of our listings in some 27 different national websites so a BUYER will find our property and tell their AGENT they want to see our listing.  We have sold many homes where the out-of-state buyer informed the local agent which house they wanted to see and sold it fast!
  ●Cell Phone.  Every agent probably has a cell phone.  One of the best compliments we get from my clients is "well, I'll say one thing...I never have a problem getting a hold of you".  Not all agents answer their phone or even return messages promptly.  That's not real high tech but not everyone has a cell phone and not answering it is about the same as not having it.
  ●A pdf obsession.  Fax machines are about as high tech as carbon paper, not to mention every time a fax is re-sent, the quality is so degraded you can barely read it.  If the receiving fax machine is busy there's a delay.  We scan ALL of our real estate documents into a "pdf" document.  Our copy is virtually as good as the original and we can send it to other agents, title companies, banks, etc. faster and with better quality.  One of our title companies said that of some 500 different agents they work with, we are only 1 of 2 companies that use scanned pdf documents. 
  ●Web Links.  Clients are always asking questions about things such as School Districts, Tax Records, Neighborhood Association Dues, Repairmen, Loan Officer Recommendations, Title Company Recommendations, questions about Renting vs Owning, How Much Can You Afford mortgage payment analysis, etc.  The list goes on.  For every question we've ever been asked, we create a webpage or a web link for that information.  We can either look it up instantly OR email the link to our client in a matter of seconds.  Our clients are impressed with our efficiency.  Check out this great map of the Little Rock Elementary School District Boundaries as an example.  Impressive.
  ●Deed Plotter.  Do agents ever sell land?  Of course they do and you know there is always questions in the front end on where the property lines are.  In our area, the basic agent just assumes the buyer will pay for some high dollar survey to determine where the boundaries are.  That's crazy!  Why should the buyer have to pay for that?  The seller is more than willing to just "point out" the "tree" or "big rock" on the corners rather than pay for a survey.  It's a simple solution using high tech methods.  Our company purchased a high tech deed plotting program where we enter the metes and bounds description from the deed from the county office...enter those degrees, minutes and seconds in the Deed Plotter program and it draws the entire plot of land.  Using the references of road intersections, we take this plot and lay it on top of an Aerial Satellite Map and "presto", we have the next best thing to a survey in "digital format" to email AND as a MLS Picture.
  ●Subdivision Marketing.  Cutting edge marketing techniques today are targeted towards Subdivision Marketing.  Our company started this several years ago using a 450 home subdivision with a 280 acre lake and after two years became the apparent "expert" in the market.  You can visit our marketing project here at   Since that time we've purchased many domain names for several key subdivisions in our market. is another page we're working on and almost ready to step up the marketing.

We could continue with many other samples and examples of our high-tech marketing, but this gives you a good idea of how we put our thinking cap on and analyze our market and stay on the cutting edge of the best marketing a client can get.




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