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Agents who feel they are lacking skills acquired in traditional classes, such as business planning, can now get a quick crash course in how to create a plan, structure it, write it and manage it. RealtyU, the nation's largest real estate network of real estate schools, announced recently that they are now offering a new half-day business planning course designed to empower real estate agents to better plan their level of success.

"Business planning is one area where many agents feel they are lacking and therefore they avoid creating a business plan," says RealtyU SVP Thomas Mitchell. "This new course will change that and after only 3 hours all agents attending the course will be able to apply the skills and tools they obtained immediately-they can have a workable business plan in place the very next day," he said.

The course syllabus covers key business aspects such as:

  • Getting control of your business
  • Easy-to-use business models
  • Developing your annual-budget
  • Discovering where your business is spending money
  • Projecting your future income and closings
  • Simplifying data on average sales price for listings
  • Examining sales, marketing, overhead and transaction expenses
  • How to play the "what ifs game" with the business model
  • Determining the affects of adding a marketing campaign
  • Using a simple model to test business development goals

As with all real estate business planning, tracking activities and appointments, income and expenses are crucial. According to Mitchell, agents need to address these issues not only from an accounting standpoint, but also from a managerial point-of-view. "The key to succeeding in business is pursuing 'good business' and understanding which activities are and are not healthy for your business," Mitchell added.

The class is now available at any of the over 200 RealtyU school locations nationwide and has already been approved for continuing education in various states including California, Texas, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio and Wyoming.

For more information, contact Thomas Mitchell at:


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