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Not many things in life are free, so when a valuable, practical, quick-reference resource for real estate professionals arrives, it is worthwhile to sit up and take notice. In an effort to continually offer the most well-rounded career development service and information for real estate agents, The RealtyU ® Group announced today the launch of version 1.0 of its online real estate dictionary. This 100% free, new web-based real estate glossary offers more than 1,000 definitions for key real estate terms, accessible anytime, via any Internet connection.

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So whether you’re cramming for a real estate licensing exam, working with a customer, negotiating a contract, or selling or purchasing a home yourself, you now have one convenient place you can visit to determine and understand the meaning of the most common real estate-related terms. Contrary to many published dictionaries that frequently provide multiple, lengthy explanations for a particular term, Real Estate Words has opted to provide concise, easy-to-understand definitions that ensure all involved parties will better comprehend the meaning of each word.

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“People are often more confused after reading a complicated definition than before they began,” Dr. Martin Oliver, a spokesperson for Real Estate Words, said. “Our goal was to reduce confusion, not increase it.” The RealtyU ® Group is the nation’s largest career development company serving the real estate industry, educating and training over 350,000 real estate agents annually through it 225+ locations and 20+ websites. For more information visit


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