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Japan real estate is now one of the world’s most promising investment destinations; emerging at the forefront of this Japan boom is a small area on Japan’s most northern Island called Niseko.

The real estate market is being driven by the world’s increasing interest in Japan and mainly the Niseko area as a winter tourism destination and national interest in Niseko as a summer retreat. Niseko has recently been ranked as the 2nd snowiest resort in the world by Forbes Traveler (; this recent ranking will further ignite interest in Niseko as a tourism destination from the world market and continue to drive interest in the Niseko property market.

In recent times has seen land prices double year on year and returns on holiday accommodation such as apartments, condos and chalets provided a solid return on investment. Additional factors that provide international investors with attractive aspects in the value of the Yen, interest rates sitting at an all-time low, this translates to increased purchasing power for your dollar, presenting foreign buyers with an extremely attractive platform for inbound investment.


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