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November 5th Denham Springs Louisiana Hail Storm Homeowner Beware
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If you live in Denham Springs, Louisiana you could be in the path of the November 5th 2012 hail storm. Homeowners in Denham Springs, LA should beware of unscrupulous contractors from out of town and out of the area. Do a thorough background search on your potential roofing contractor..

If you live in Denham Springs, LA there is a very good chance you will be visited by a roofing company in the coming months wanting to inspect your homes roof. Let me start by saying there is nothing wrong with a roofing company coming to your home and asking to inspect your roof. There are many good quality roofing companies that can do a very good job on your roof repair or replacement. If you are unaware if you have hail damage to your homes roof and qualify for an insurance claim for a new roof, then by all means let them inspect your roof.

There are many things to be aware of when in the process of getting a new roof. If a roofing contractor comes to your door and you donít feel comfortable initially with them simply tell them you are not interested. A good company will thank you for your time and move on, however unscrupulous companies will start the high pressure and keep pushing. Be insistent and again ask them to leave, again the good companies will be happy to comply.

Here is a short list of things you should do before hiring or agree to move forward with any roofing company in the Denham Springs and Baton Rouge Louisiana areas. The first thing is make sure you hire a Louisiana licensed or registered roofer. Any residential roofing job over $1,500.00 requires a contract between the homeowner and contractor as well as that the contractor be licensed. Verify the contractors license with the Louisiana State Board of Contractors. Always verify references on your potential roofing company, the Better Business Bureau, Angieslist and the Livingston Parish Chamber Of Commerce are three great places to start. Do a Facebook search, women in particular are very good at checking with friends on Facebook to check a companies references.

When a company does an inspection of your homes roof, insist on seeing pictures of any hail and wind damage they say is present. Make sure the pictures are of your house, a good roofing company will take the first picture of your roof and get something in the background to show that the subsequent pictures must be from your house. When the roofing contractor is finished with your roofs inspection and you have checked them out thoroughly, start your insurance claim process and let them help you get a new roof.

This is a very short list of things to do checking on your Denham Springs, Louisiana roofing contractor but will save you many headaches and potentially thousands of dollars and maybe even months of trying to get your job completed. Remember an ounce of prevention is always worth a ton of correction.


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