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When the time comes that you have decided it is time to sell some of your old home property or perhaps offer some Ohio land for sale that might be next to a favorite neighbor or reason to protect the land or person by you, there are some things that I think I can help you with that might save you a major headache.

Picture this:  You have a large piece of property and have come to the realization that you would benefit if you sell off some of your property in maybe ten acre lots.  Keep in mind that this property that you would put up for sale to a total stranger is going to be right next to your old home front.  Think long and hard about that.  You might need to set some boundaries before you just jump in there and sell to the first person who waves a dollar at you and then one day, realize, “What just happened?” and you are faced with all sorts of problems.  I have sold property in Ohio for hunting purposes and also home sites.  Most of the time everything works out just fine and you enjoy your new neighbors as much if not more than if it were your own relatives. 

You learn best by example, so, let me give you an example that will keep you from going through a disaster that could move in and become your new neighbors.  When I sold a small tract of land prior to selling a larger tract of land that joined it, and I might add that the larger land tract was where I was going to profit the most, I didn’t really screen the buyer at all. Big mistake!  Here is another little tip.  The one you help the most will be the one who causes you the most misery.  Once I sold the ten acres with a house in the country where roads were a problem.  Additional land with another house was just past the house and acreage I had sold to start my sale campaign.  I was nice enough to give the guy access to my water well so he could get moved in sooner so he could begin some repairs he needed to do on the house.

I could have prevented a lot of this from happening from the beginning if I had used a few legal remedies.  This may seem simple, but when you have land for sale in Ohio don’t assume that the prospective buyers are normal simply because they look normal.  In my circumstance, I should not have gone out of my way to offer the use of my water well to the people who bought my acreage and house.  They would have bought it anyway.  That might sound mean to say, but in order to remain friends I think it sometimes helps if you stay within the limits of being just friends.   My mistake was to not retain a right of way or easement from his property to my property I still had behind him.  If I had added a few simple deed covenants for protection for me and my future clients. 

The lesson learned here is not to trust someone because of how they look and always protect yourself and successors when you have land for sale in Ohio.


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