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Real Estate Salesperson:  Must be 18 years of age, of good moral character, and successfully complete Part 1 of 45 clock hours of approved basic real estate instruction. The applicant needs to pass the real estate exams and is in an entry level position under the supervision of a real estate broker. No contractual agreements may be entered into by the PSA.  After passing the state examinations and obtaining the provisional sales associate license, the licensee needs to successfully complete an additional 45-clock hours of approved educational courses (Part II) during the first year of being licensed. At the end of the first year the licensee may apply for a sales associate license by submitting the application form and paying the fees. The sales associate license is the same as the provisional sales associate license except that the sales associate does not have to take the Part II 45-clock hours of real estate courses. To receive the sales associate license the applicant also needs to successfully pass the state real estate exams.  

Continued education:  The sales associate needs to complete 12-clock hours of approved continuing education courses during the license term, which is a three-year period, and the real estate broker needs to complete 12 hours of approved continuing education courses, consisting of four core subjects, during each three-year license term.

Broker applicants:  Requirements include having at least two years of active experience within the past five years, or its equivalent, as a provisional sales associate or sales associate, and having successfully completed at least 75 clock hours of approved, advanced real estate instruction.

Reciprocal license recognition & Non-residents:  Oklahoma has reciprocity agreements with many other states in order to expedite the processing of licenses

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