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Once I Have My License, How Do I Sell My Services Before I Gather The Necessary Experience?
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Show your Real Estate exam preparation guide to your prospective client and ask how many of the questions they would be able to answer correctly.  Then rest your case.


Although the pre-license course is relatively short, it covers a wealth of material related to the financial, legal, ethical, tax, listing, and selling and contractual real estate information.  A real estate agent provides expert consulting advice to the client.  Your lack of experience is balanced by the fact that you are associated with a knowledgeable and experienced broker.  When offering your services as a new agent, refer to the years of experience offered by your broker.  Make sure you obtain supporting data and know your statistics. 

In addition, present yourself as an expert in the area.  You should plan to begin working the area where you reside.  Make sure you familiarize yourself with amenities, parks, schools, the county seat and services provided, subdivisions, price ranges, etc.  Although you may not yet have extensive expertise in the real estate field, you are an expert in the area you represent. 


Another wise approach to start-up a real estate career is to become a member of a team.  Check with your broker regarding existing teams.  Then interview members of the team and make sure they are satisfied with the leads they are getting and the commission share. 

Professional Development - Become a Real Estate Agent
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