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Aliso Viejo , CA , May 18 th, 2005 – RealtyU ® announced today that it has completed Phase II and the re-launch of its national distance leaning portal for the real estate industry, RealtyUOnline (

RealtyUOnline, first launched in 2004, has become the only portal of its kind in the industry. According to Thomas Mitchell, CEO of RealtyU ®, "it was our intention at the outset to build a single point of service for real estate agents to find distance learning material for real estate, appraisal and home inspection. RealtyUOnline has accomplished this with the cooperation with numerous large online courses including Thomson-CompuTaught and Dearborn Publishing.”

The RealtyU ® portal now provides access to over 1,900 course offerings in real estate exam prep, pre and post licensing, continuing education (CE), designations, home inspection, skill based training, as well as introductory and continuing education courses in appraisal. "This portal," says Mitchell, "by far offers the largest database of online real estate courses, more than any other single source in the industry. It was built with but one thought in mind - a single point of online education for real estate agents. Without our strategic partners going the extra mile on this project, we would never have been able to offer a fast and accurate delivery of such a large selection of courses,” he said.

REALTORS® and other real estate agents are now able to go online, register, complete courses, take the examination and be certified or designated at a time and place of their own choosing. To accommodate this growing desire within the industry, RealtyU ® has carefully designed RealtyUOnline to make the search process very intuitive in order to logically and quickly present the desired course options to the agent. Once the desired course has been selected, the student is seamlessly handed off to the course provider that delivers the respective course in the state.

Distance learning may be a complicated process behind the scenes, but RealtyU ® has made it easy for agents on the front end. Visit RealtyU Online to explore which real estate, appraisal and home inspection courses are available online in your state.

About RealtyU

RealtyU® consists of a network of real estate schools and colleges that serve 42 states via 120 campuses across North America. Collectively, RealtyU® has 400 qualified and licensed real estate instructors that offer more than 5,000 different real estate training courses and programs every year. Schools closely cooperate especially with regard to creating and licensing new courses, technology, national education contracts, marketing and real estate education R&D. In 2004 RealtyU® schools educated over 305,000 real estate agents making it the largest real estate education network in the industry. For more information visit and


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