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Real Estate Salesperson:  On July 1, 2002, all Oregon salesperson licenses were converted to temporary associate broker licenses. The temporary associate brokers needed to complete an Associate Broker Transition Course (ABTC) before June 30, 2005. Upon completing the ABTC and submitting proof to the Agency, the temporary associate broker license was converted to a broker license. The original salesperson licensees receiving their Oregon broker license through this process needed to meet two more requirements before working as a sole practitioner: (1) the licensee must have three years of active, licensed experience, either in Oregon and/or another state), and (2) they must pass the real estate broker license exam. In order to work as a principal broker, these licensees must also complete the 40-hour Brokerage Administration and Sales Supervision course in addition to the above two requirements. 

Continued education:  Licensees renewing an active license are exempt from continuing education requirements. However, when the licensee does reactivate the license, 30 hours of continuing education courses need to be successfully completed within the prior two years. Brokers have to successfully complete at least 30 clock hours of continuing education courses during the preceding two license years. The Oregon Real Estate Agency does not approve the continuing education courses; they are certified by the licensing broker who self-certifies his own courses. At least 15 of the 30 hours need to be on required topics.

Broker applicants:  Requirements include providing a Background Check Application along with one completed fingerprint card that meets FBI processing standards.  An Advanced Real Estate Practices 30-hour course is required of some brokers who receive their first Oregon license after July 1, 2002. This course is not considered to be part of the continuing education requirement.

Reciprocal license recognition & Non-residents: Oregon has reciprocity agreements with ten other states If an out-of-state broker is from one of these states, obtaining an Oregon license is relatively easy. If not from one of these states, the applicant has to meet all of Oregonís pre-licensing requirements: background check, education, and examination.

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