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Oscar Marquez
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Oscar Marquez is currently one of the most sought-after speakers in the real estate business; his style and techniques have inspired numerous real estate professionals to build a successful career.

He has trained over 6,000 real estate professionals in the US, Canada, UAE and Mexico and has had the honour to keynote many real estate conventions in these countries.

With over 18 years experience and still practicing real estate, Oscar has experienced the same situations that today’s real estate professional faces. Originally from Mexico, he has faced many challenges in order to build a successful career.

These challenges now inspire real estate professionals all over the world to achieve higher levels of success and to remove self-imposed limitations. Once you meet Oscar Marquez, you’re not likely to forget him.

This dedicated father, passionate community volunteer and accomplished professional is sure to leave a lasting impression with his refreshingly optimistic attitude and warm, personable demeanor.

He finds his work to be so fulfilling because it gives him the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of real estate professionals.


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Professionals in Real Estate - Authors, Speakers & Educators
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