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Out with the old, in with the new - keeping up appearances with serviced office space
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You can be a global leader or an upcoming enterprise, every business should understand the importance of a professional front. Clients will examine every detail of your appearance to determine whether you're worthy of an investment. You might think that this starts with that crucial first handshake, where composure and calmness come under the spotlight. Well, while elements of this are true, their introduction to your company will begin as soon as they arrive at your office space, even before they open the door.

Very few will trust an investment of their time and money with a company situated in a run down location. This is simply because the companies that own prime real estate tend to be the ones sticking around for the long haul. They'll have made a statement of intent by paying up for their spot on the high street, mainly to score a few more points with their clients. A business that rents or owns a pristine office space will carry the appearance of a market leader, a company with vast amounts of experience and ambition to burn. You should be aiming for this highly desirable look, too.    

The important thing is to strike a balance between appearance and functionality. This is where virtual offices and serviced office space come into the equation. 

A flexible option

Most will be reluctant to move their headquarters due to finance, which is why a short-term options are becoming increasingly popular in the world of business. Serviced office space provides a high quality, professional looking environment to work in, which can be secured for a minimum term of three months, meaning you can regularly reassess your options. Rapid expansion used to prove something of a tricky obstacle to overcome and as relocation plans slowly progressed, new clients passing through the aged office would gather a taste of the old ways, rather than the new. 

This is why a short-term agreement should be considered, as you'll quickly be able to match your service with a space that suits you. Consider companies like One Heddon Street when looking for flexible options in central London.


Affordable to boot

Whether it's for the purchase of a house or a commercial property, renting holds numerous advantages over buying. One of the benefits of agreeing a fixed-term contract is that a better space can be acquired for the money on offer. You can avoid contributing a lump sum by paying for your keep in installments. This will allow you to afford a luxury setting for your business to be based, which is sure to please new and existing clients. They'll be impressed by your showings of ambition, possibly intrigued by the design of the new office and should feel confident about your chances of prospering.   

Ready made     

The problem with DIY shows is that they coax their audiences into believing that anyone can conduct a mass revamp of their living establishment. They'll try and tell you that basic skills can be used to oversee a complete facelift of every room. This simply isn't possible in an office environment, where every fix or improvement will affect your workers in some way. On the other hand, businesses should always be allocating funds to spruce up their office. 

Rather than changing a colour scheme or attempting to install new light fixings, why not change the entire location instead? Renting your space will let you change an entire look without having to wait five months for the changes to come into effect. By that time your tastes might have changed and you can browse through another set of properties that happen to take your fancy. After all, why wouldn't you be after a fresh perspective?


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